Pool, Group Generator

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Generate pools, groups

Generate pools, groups for round robin pool, groupplay. Participants can be assigned automatically to every pool, group position, taking in consideration restrictions placed on participants. All this can be done in a matter of seconds.

Conflict Checker

We can validate pools, groups against restrictions placed on participants. We check the following restrictions:

  • Participants who can't play at the same time
  • Participants can't play at a certain date and/or time
  • Participants can only play at a certain venue/court

Assign Teams

Teams can be assigned to pools, groups manually by dragging and dropping them to the correct spot or it can be automated. Automation randomly places participants in a pool, groupthe conventional way or by state where a pool, group doesn't contain a team from the same state.


When creating a set of pools, groups there are many options to play with. For scheduling purposes certain pools, groups can play within a given time range, or be excluded from specific venue Court, Field, Rink, Mat, Course, Lane, Hole. To have a pool, groupstand out, say a pool, group with sponsored participants, a specific label can be assigned to that pool, group.

Create pools, groups
Pool, Group Document


Once pools, groups are generated they can be accessed under the documents section on the event website. This document can be downloaded or printed. Since the document is a PDF the print out is very clear and readable.

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